Monday, December 19, 2011

November 19th / 11月19日


  1. AHHHHHH! helen&amandaだ!hehehe.
    I love these things so much. Have you figured out their pseudonyms? Have I already ruined it? Can you do a flashback one so I can be in it? I know I'll have to wait awhile, but pleeeeeaaaase? ;)

  2. A flashback... Hmm... I'll have to think about that... I guess if my wife ever has another exhibition I can flash back to the first one. She really enjoyed your company.

    By the way, you might already be aware of it but this all started because I did an auto-bio story dealing with my experience during the earthquake. You can get that story here: Since you lived through it as well, it might resonate with you, and the proceeds go to charity... (end of plug).

    Anyway, thanks for checking this blog out and leaving your comments. It's nice to know people are reading this.

  3. Hey, I hope this doesn't bother you but you wrote "form" on the comic and I think it should be "from."

    Great comic!